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Do you want to learn a bit more about everything related to CE Europa? Players, Managers, Chairmen, Fan Clubs, Basketball section, remarkable sites, historical facts or interesting anecdotes related to the club. Then, keep reading and get to know all about CE Europa's history from A to Z!

Club Esportiu Europa, as we know it today, was born in 1907 next to the Sagrada Família. Discover its history!

A lot has been said about Manuel Cros, who is considered to be the most important “Escapulat” player of all time.

We have written a lot about the glorious and legendary team which CE Europa was on 1920’s; with chairman Matas in charge and a fantastic new wave of players that achieved historic milestones for the club. However, not much has been said about the man, who, like an alchemist, transformed all this innate talent into gold.

Supporters, you can start following CE Europa's Official Twitter and Instagram accounts in English. We have weekly updated information for you!



General Ticket
(admission to all areas of the stadium)



CE Europa Members


Visiting Club Members

according to agreements**



* = the admission price may change on exceptional events.
You are advised to check the club's website prior to purchase

The ticket office is located in the area marked with a (T). Members should access the stadium via the main gate (C/ de les Camèlies 42B) (2). The CE Europa executive team, visiting club members, home and visiting players, kit crews, match officials, accredited coaches and trainers, members of the Catalan Football Federation (FCF), members of the press and media, and invited guests should also use the main entrance. Once inside the stadium, all ticket holders have access to all four spectator areas, bar and public toilets. Seating in the high stand (second floor) may be subject or reserved to “Protector” members, general members, management teams, guests to the box seat and press. People with reduced mobility, e.g. wheelchair users, and persons with physical limitations who cannot use the stairs, may use a designated area situaded above the dressing room tunnel. This area is also reserved for TV camera crews and members of the press and media.

STADIUM GPS LOCATION: [icon name="icon-globe"]  41°24'43.4"N 2°09'40.4"E



Contact us

07 Gener 2021

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Adress: c/ Pau Alsina, 140
08024 · Gràcia (Barcelona)
Tel. 932 102 551
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Media/Press contact:
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Monday to Thursday 4pm-8pm
(except public holidays)
Fridays 4pm-7pm
(except public holidays)

*Check the special opening hours at August, Christmas and Easter

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STADIUM GPS LOCATION: [icon name="icon-globe"]  41°24'43.4"N 2°09'40.4"E